Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti launching “V by Eva” on HSN

Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti has launched a new collection, called V by Eva, on Many fashion enthusiasts are excited to see what she is going to offer. Hailed as one of the “ten most stylish women in fashion” by VOGUE and, a “mail-order magnate” by TIME, Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti is the driving force behind multifaceted world of VIVRE.
With her peculiar, global sense of personal style and inspirational ability to share her vision with VIVRE readers and customers, Lorenzotti has successfully weathered fluctuations of a market driven by passing trends and fads. Launched in 1996 as a luxury catalog with strong editorial point of view, VIVRE now reaches more than two million customers a year through its website.

Its signature focus is on true, individual style and not passing trends or fashion fads. VIVRE offers both new products and timeless favorites each season, together with Lorenzotti’s insights and tips, personal favorites, and her inspirational people, places and things.
Lorenzotti opened her first VIVRE boutique Escape in 2007, at the Cove in Bahamas with a collection of daintily crafted items for men, women, children and home. With confidence, pride, and courage to take risks, she has redefined concept of shopping in today’s market. As a leader in industry, she is frequently invited to speak and share her passion and insight on fashion industry and style at Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Conference, the International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference, CNBC, CNN, and Fine Living Channel. She is also a spokesperson for BlackBerry advertising campaign and contributing editor for InStyle magazine.

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