Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Madhur Bhandarkar Talks About His Heroine

1.After reading and hearing all the verbose comments, most of them unpleasant, on your latest film, Heroine, is there anything you’d like to change or alter in the film? 

 I make films with conviction on subjects from different areas of life and varied premises. Every film of mine has met with a mixed response – it is not new for me at all to see such extreme reactions. From Chandni Bar to Heroine, I’ve faced mixed reviews. People have not liked all my films – Page 3, Corporate had people speaking against them more than for them. I am very happy with Heroine and I have no regrets, creatively. Maybe in retrospect, over the years, I may do, but not right now. It is in every creative person’s nature to crave betterment and I am no different. I am extremely happy with Kareena Kapoor’s work in the film – she has pushed the envelope and her performance in the film has garnered amazing reviews all across the world. My phone and BBM are flooded with praise for her work and that is very satisfying. People have been calling me and telling me Heroine is my best work, that I’ve done a great job as director and that Kareena and I are a fantastic combination. A still from the film Heroine.

 2. What makes you happier – your creative work in the film or that Heroine has made 25 crore since Friday? Definitely, my creativity in the film, but Heroine was made on a budget of 21 crore and since its release, it has made 25 crore! The film has an “A” certificate and it has got Kareena playing the lead – I am overwhelmed by the audiences’ love for my film, Heroine. The box office collections of Heroine are stable and steady and we are going to make 15 crore on satellite rights and from the endorsements Kareena did in the film. Heroine is a profitable venture for all those involved in the film. The mathematics of the film have proved viable and I am pleased. Heroine’s box office collections in four days have surpassed Fashion’s, which was 27 crore. Heroine’s a blatant film and it worked at the box office and I’m a Bollywood insider and I did a good job with Heroine.

3.After all the innuendos on other actors’ lives via the characters in Heroine, how difficult will it be to cast for your next film? I don’t think any of that matters really. People should remember it is just a film. When I am ready with my next script, I’ll know.



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