Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sexy Emma Watson T Magazine

Sweet and very sexy actress Emma Watson covers the Women's Fall 2012 issue of T: The New York Times Style magazine. She is looking awesome on the cover page wearing a Bottega Veneta jacket with Harry Winston earrings. She also rocks cat eyeliner and pink lipstick. Inside the issue Harry Potter actress is wearing Isabel Marant, Ralph Lauren collection, Burberry Prorsum, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel looks.

Here is her interview:

On why she didn’t work on other films during Harry Potter: I think at first I didn’t because I was always either studying or filming, I didn’t have time to go off and do other films or other things to sort of show people that, Oh, she is not just Hermione, she is an actress and she can go and do these other parts and roles. I didn’t really have time to do any of that.

On her experience at Brown University: My first two years at Brown weren’t easy, not because I was bullied or because anyone gave me a particularly hard time, but just because, you know, without the collegiate system . . . and at Brown everyone does completely different things and very much chooses their own path, which is great, but it’s also much more difficult, too. You’re not with a group of people all the time at one time.

On her parents giving her advice: They gave me the best advice they could, and I think they gave me very good advice. But my mum particularly said, ‘Right, you’re going to go into these interviews and they’re going to ask you anything they feel like asking you, and every time they ask you a question, think about whether you’d be comfortable discussing it with a stranger.’

On honing her vowels when it comes to her American accent: My grandma said – when I was really young and I’d sing along to the radio – why do you sing in an American accent? I guess it was because a lot of the music I was listening to had American vocalists. And that was something Steve said to me as well: try singing the lines in an American accent. That kind of opened me up. Then I worked with a dialogue coach and I just put in the time to really, really listen and just go over it and over it and over it until I could do it without thinking about it too hard. And I just knew it was really important.

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